Afternoon snow pictures

At least no one called it “snowmageddon.”

I snoveled the show around 1:00 PM

The girls made a deal with me: they’d make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies if I’d go get the chips. So, around 4:00 PM, I walked down to Jim Thorpe Market. And I just saw two Borough snowplows go by, clearing my street, as I uploaded these pictures; my congratulations to Mayor Mike Sofranko and the public works department for doing a good job.

Several more pictures below the fold; click any picture to enlarge.

We still have trees with green leaves . . . and they're laden with snow.

In Twining Park

A bench in Twining Park

A large tree limb down in Twining Park

Looking across the Route 903 bridge from the base of Twining Park; this bridge goes over the railroad tracks and the Lehigh River.

Even the grocery stores in Jim Thorpe are picturesque: this is Jim Thorpe Market

A Japanese Maple, covered with snow

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  2. Yesterday was my first experience with falling snow since I was about six.

    I spent most of it indoors, but I had three errands I had to run (one of which failed), causing me to spend about an hour outside in the falling snow.

    My pants soaked through, but the thermal underwear underneath kept me warm anyhow. The heavy wool sweater I got in Norway thirteen years ago, combined with the waterproof shell, kept my core warm.

    I need winter shoes, apparently; the ones I have soaked through and my feet were *cold*.

  3. Nice to see your name again aphrael. What you need are snow boots , shoes just ain’t gonna cut it when Jack Frost hits.

  4. BTW, I found great boots made by Sorel ( made in Ontario, Canada so you know they’re great in the cold and the snow) at J. Crew. They’re not real pricy and start about $130 up to about $165. Plus, they last forever. Just go to and you’ll have warm, dry tootsies by Friday.

  5. I went to work today, figuring that I’d have to plow the yard, and found that God had already done it for me. And it seems that the LORD is a better loader operator than I am: I’d usually leave some signs of scrapings on the yard, but he didn’t; the job was done absolutely perfectly.

  6. Dana – ah, fair enough. I commented on this at Patterico’s but not loudly enough that everyone heard. :)

    My husband got into a graduate program at Teachers’ College, an affiliate of Columbia University. So since Sept. 1, I’ve been living in NYC and commuting out to Morris Plains, NJ, for work. :)

  7. The commute isn’t so bad. I’m not fool enough to drive in Manhattan, so I take the train, and most of the time it’s a pleasant ride where I can read and listen to the music and relax.

    The thing which makes it frustrating is that NJTransit is highly unreliable and around 1/4 of days, something goes wrong making the trains off schedule (or, like today, cancelled). (although today is arguably not NJTransit’s fault).

    [released – pH]

  8. And the tradeoff was: the commute means I keep my existing job, so I didn’t have to job hunt immediately upon arriving, broke, in the east coast. Totally a win.

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