You may already have won . . . .

When I first heard about this story, I didn’t pay much attention to it, but Phineas did, and put some thought into it:

Oh, please. Don’t insult my intelligence:

Every night before he goes to sleep, the president of the United States reads 10 letters from the pile of 20,000 sent to him by Americans every day. Sometimes, he writes back. He’s even, on occasion, included a check.

“It’s not something I should advertise, but it has happened,” President Barack Obama told reporter Eli Saslow, author of the new book, “Ten Letters: The Stories Americans Tell Their President.”

I’m not sure what the bigger whopper is here: that Obama plays “secret Santa” to some of the poor, downtrodden folks in danger of losing their homes or with medical bills they can’t pay, or that a guy with an ego the size of the Grand Canyon is reluctant to talk about it.

Consider the first choice. Are you really going to tell me these people have received personal checks from the President of the United States and have stayed quiet about it? They didn’t tell their relatives? They and their relatives didn’t tell the local news? No one at the bank who cashed the check told anyone “Hey, I just cashed a check from Obama?” Word never got to the national news networks, who’d love to carry a feel-good story about their God-King?

Everyone stayed mum?

Sure. Uh-huh. I buy that. How much for the bridge, too? 

OK, I never really considered it before, but just how many people do you know who, if they’d actually received a check from the President of the United States, wouldn’t have said something, wouldn’t have photocopied it, and wouldn’t have said something to the hometown newspaper? And while bank tellers are supposed to keep quiet about such things, wouldn’t some eyebrows be raised — at the very least — when Joe Schmuckatella comes in to deposit a check from Barack Hussein Obama into his checking account, and would this really stay quiet? Enquiring minds want to know. :)

Now, I suppose that the President could have set up some sort of private account which didn’t have his name on it, somehow, and there has to be some way that the President’s story could be true, but does it really sound believable to you?


  1. I believe it. I also believe the oceans are falling, Solyndra and Fisker are good investments and there have been two million ( or is it three or five) new jobs created even as unemployment stays stuck at over nine percent. Should I add the Tooth Fairy, Santa and the Easter Bunny to the list? I also believe we still have a AAA credit rating, only Democrats want clean air and water and rapes and murders are up in Flint. Oh, did I forget? The fleabaggers want what’s best for America, we have 57 states and……where does it end with these fools? The best one is that “private sector jobs are expanding” so the public jos are where we should concentrate our money. Really? I mean really? What the phuck planet are these idiots on?

    I might just be an old restaurant guy but there is no way I would invest, expand or employ in an environment where those of us who “do” are the enemy. Call me crazy. Obama has destroyed this country and you (Perry) could go back to Bush or Reagan or Millard freekin Filmore. He’s killing us and you know it. No President, including the previous idiot Carter, has brought this much misery on our nation. I’ll ask: Were you better off under Bush or Obama? BTW Perry, can I get a 539 million injection of your money, I could us it.

  2. It sounds believable to me. Besides, if he’s lying about doing it, then, that would be a bigger story than actually writing checks to individuals who’ve written him about their financial problems. Someone on the receiving end of charity, even from the President, often-times does not want to admit having the need for such funds – they may be embarrassed about the publicity.

  3. I love how a nominally Christian conservative…can’t believe in an American who’s done really well in life maybe having some goodwill.

    You guys are letting partisan politics infect your soul, for real. I loathed George Bush as a president, but guess what? I’m sure he does all kinds of good charitable things, including some unbelievable ones. He’s wealthy beyond most people’s ability to imagine, and is in a position to help out his fellow man. Even if on ideological grounds I think he did a great deal of harm, that doesn’t mean that as a person he isn’t capable of basic human compassion; and people in exceptional positions are capable of exercising exceptional compassion, if they choose. And they often do.

    Unless you’re a conservative, I guess, in which case you just believe that your political opponents are bad people whose cynicism is with them twenty-four hours a day. How sad the outlook must be from a perch of such all-consuming hatred – feel really sorry for you guys.

  4. Hoagie, I’m much better off under Obama than under Bush… but that’s probably because I spent the lion’s share of the Bush administration in grad school 😛

  5. Actually, I’m pretty much the same, economically, under President Obama as I was under President Bush, but I’ve never believed that the President or the government actually control the economy. My family’s personal economy has to do with how hard we work, and with our professional development. I did, however, save tens of thousands of dollars thanks to the 2001/2003 tax cuts, tax cuts which were continued under President Obama, and tax cuts I’m damned sure I’d never have seen had the Democrats managed to fabricate enough votes in Florida to steal the 2000 election.

    And Jeff, how long were you in grad school?

  6. Dana – 7.5 years in grad school (about 5.5 under Bush and 2 under Obama). It was the most frustrating project ever. I’m just happy I graduated before I turned 30.

    Agreed about the President/government and the economy. But doesn’t that imply that Obama (or Bush) isn’t to blame for the slump we’re in?

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