From The New York Times:

U.S. and U.N. Demand Details From Libyan Leaders on How Qaddafi Died

Published: October 21, 2011

MISURATA, Libya — International calls mounted Friday for Libya’s interim leaders to provide a fuller accounting of the final moments before Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s violent, messy death, as new videos circulated that showed him and his son Muatassim alive, apparently while in the custody of the former rebels.

The United Nations and two leading human rights groups called for a thorough investigation into precisely how Colonel Qaddafi, who was seen on the Internet in cellphone videos bleeding and heaving as he was manhandled by screaming fighters, wound up dead with what appeared to be bullet wounds to the head.

One video in particular was receiving heightened scrutiny on Friday because it showed a conscious Colonel Qaddafi wiping blood off the left side of his face, revealing no bullet wound. Later videos of his corpse showed a bullet wound in the same spot, adding to skepticism about the interim government’s official explanation that he was accidentally killed during a shootout with Qaddafi loyalists.

OK, a little bit of common sense here. Colonel Qaddafi had oppressed the people of Libya for four decades, ruling with an iron fist, and when the rebellion started, he responded with guns and artillery. Thousands of people were killed on his orders. So, when the rebels had him cornered and dragged him out of his hidey-hole, they knocked him around for a few minutes and then someone put a bullet in his head. How is that a surprise to anyone, and really, why should anyone even care?


  1. Dead’s dead. Does it matter how his people did it? If the world doesn’t like how it happened, what are they going to do? Stomp their feet and hold their breath?

  2. “…. and then someone put a bullet in his head.”

    If it were I Dana, it wouldn’t have taken that long. Suprised? No, happy, yes. And Yorkshire’s right, who gives a rats ass?

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