Mrs Pico is making me work, or why you’re not getting pictures of the Jim Thorpe Fall Foliage Festival, Weekend 3

This wasn’t exactly what I had planned to do with my Sunday. :(

Spackling cracks in the ceiling

[sigh] Standing on the dining room table (covered with newspapers, of course), patching cracks in the ceiling.

The ceiling, spackled and sanded.

One wall, spackled.

And you can blame Mrs Pico for me not getting out to get you pictures of the Jim Thorpe Fall Foliage Festival, weekend 3, because she’s making me work!

Because we have so much stuff, we’re doing one end of the dining room today. I’m adding this post while I’m waiting for the last of the spackling in one corner to dry enough to sand. Then I’ll put a coat of primer on the ceiling and wall. We weren’t sure what color to paint the walls — the ceiling will be white — so we have two small samples from Lowe’s, and we’ll put them on the wall, side by side, and pick from there.

The house is at least 99 years old — I’ve heard three different construction dates: 1892, 1902 and 1912 — and it’s settled just a bit, so naturally there are cracks in the plaster.

Pluto isn't helping, but this picture downloaded from the camera at the same time; it was taken a couple of days ago.

First update:

Starting to prime the ceiling

A little bit done


  1. OK, now it’s a family fight over the color for the walls!

    The third and fourth from the bottom are the two sample colors we had gotten yesterday, but we weren’t that thrilled with them on the walls. Well, both daughters are home this weekend, so we all went to Lowe’s and got more samples. I’m leaning to the second from the top (barely visible in this picture, or the very middle sample. But the samples need a second coat, so we can see what they’ll really look like once we’re done.

    This room just doesn’t get much sunlight, so going too dark will make the whole room dark; the window you see faces north.

  2. Go with the light beige, the one below The blue. It seems to match the darker wood tones. ah, what do i know?

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