Jim Thorpe Fall Foliage Festival 2011, Week 2

And why, you might be asking, wasn’t there a Jim Thorpe Fall Foliage Festival 2011, Week 1 posting? That’s easy: it rained last weekend.

When we first moved to Jim Thorpe, in 2002, there was one Fall Foliage weekend. ‘Twas the same in 2003, if I remember correctly. Trouble is, the borough planners weren’t so good at figuring out just which weekend would actually have autumn colors. It was gradually increased to two weekends, then three, and now, the first four weekends in October are officially Fall Foliage Festival weekends; that’s the way to bring in your tourist dollars! :)

Well, I don’t know how many bucks we brought in last weekend, but this weekend saw the parking lots full to overflowing, the downtown park crammed full of people, and the leaves on the trees still as green as ever.

The view from US 209, just below the bridge to PA State Route 903

The “mountain” still looks pretty green to me! You can click on any picture to enlarge. More pictures below the fold.

Just a few feet further down US 209, shooting from a slightly different angle.

While we are waiting for some leaves to fall, other foliage seems to arise at this time of the year. Naturally, I support freedom of speech and free elections, so I can't want these political signs to be banned, but that doesn't mean that I like looking at them. :(

The same shot, just not zoomed in. Picture taken from the steps leading down from the east side of town, through Twining Park.

Josiah White Park, in downtown Jim Thorpe, is crowded with vendors during our tourist events. This is one group I support, the Bach and Handel Chorale.

I tried to insert the hyperlink to the Bach and Handel Chorale in the caption, but it wouldn’t work, so here it is.

Same view, but from further back. I wanted you to see the arched windows on the old train station, which borders the park.

Another local vendor I support, the Jim Thorpe Post 304 of the American Legion

I bought a crab cake sandwich from them.

Another vendor, with plenty of pumpkins!

If you come to visit and leave hungry, it's on you, 'cause there's plenty of food here!

This cariage passed in front of my house yesterday, with a brand new bride and groom, leaving for their honeymoon.

Time to water the horses!

In the middle of the park is a big lump of anthracite coal. Mining was the beginning of the town and development in this area. Here, the lump is between two vendors.

A band playing 'When the Saints Go Marching In' in front of the Dimmick Memorial Library.

An example of downtown architecture in Jim Thorpe.

Now, I like pumpkin: pumpkin pie, Mrs Pico's world famous pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin spice cappuccino and pumpkin bread. But pumpkin ale? That's just wrong, on so many levels!

Another band, this time in front of the Mauch Chunk Opera House.

The view up Hill Street, from Broadway, beside the Opera House, to show you some of our architecture and that the leaves are still very green.

Heading back home, the view from Front Street at the top of Twining Park, to show you another hill; you can just barely see a few trees starting to change.

If I were going to guess, I’d say that we’ll be in partial color next weekend, and full color the weekend after that. But today was a beautiful day, sunny and warm (in the upper 70s), and the Oakland Raiders defeated the Houston Texans 25-20, so I am a happy man today! RIP, Al Davis.


  1. Pumpkin ale is friggin’ delicious, Pico. Big Boss down here makes an excellent one.

    Pretty little town you have there, though.

  2. As promised or threatened, here’s one of the bridges we found. I’ll post more when I “clean” (crop, adjust density, adjust color, rotate the ones that tilted, etc.) them up:

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