Americans Do Not Support The Democrat Agenda

44 percent of Americans are fiscal Conservatives. Only 11 percent of Americans are fiscal Liberals.

2/3 of Americans want the border controlled prior to any other illegal immigration “solutions”.

4/5 of Americans do not want illegal immigrants to get in-state tuition rates.

More than 7/10 of Hispanics in “battleground” states approve of Voter ID.

Over half of Americans want ObamaCare repealed, 20 points higher than those who do not want it repealed.

60 percent of Americans favor the Death Penalty, 28 percent of Americans oppose the Death Penalty. 2/3 of men and most women favor the Death Penalty. 3/4 of Republicans, 3/5 of independents, roughly half of Democrats who have a stated opinion favor the Death Penalty. Most whites and non-black minority “races” support the Death Penalty.

Most Americans favor a Balanced Budget Amendment. Only 22 percent oppose a Balanced Budget Amendment. 68 percent of Republicans, 54 percent of independents, 46 percent of Democrats (a plurality position) favor a Balanced Budget Amendment.

71 percent of voters favor Term Limits for Congress. Only 14 percent oppose term limits.

Most US voters think the free market is the way to go for alternative energy. Only 27 percent think government subsidies are the way to go.

More Americans think the “pro-gun” label is good than think it is bad.

More Americans think the “union-supported” label is bad than think it is good.

The “Liberal” label is less favorable than the “TEA Party” label.

6/10 of Americans believe if the Government raises taxes to reduce the deficit, it will only cause greater government spending, putting the lie to Democrats’ “the Republicans refuse to raise taxes; therefore, they are not serious about reducing the deficit” false dichotomy fallacy.

A Democrat poll of the 60 Democrat-selected “battleground” districts which have a Republican Representative shows the Democrats are polling worse now than they polled in 2010.

All in all, the Democrat agenda and positions are not in line — at all — with the American public. It is the Democrats who are refusing to cooperate with the American public, and not so much the Republicans. As the numbers very clearly show.

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  1. Truth before dishonor.

    I would rather be right than popular, as well.

    The Death Penalty is wrong–“Vengeance is mine.” + 6th commandment, etc.

  2. It is interesting that Mosaic Law mandated the Death Penalty at the same time it mandated the Ten Commandments; therefore, your reading of the Ten Commandments is inaccurate. And your blah-blah on your own site that says, in effect, “The Bible doesn’t say anything about an atmosphere (which it actually does) so you don’t believe in an atmosphere” mumbo-jumbo leaves out the possibility of an honest debate.

  3. But do focus on the data at hand instead of playing games.

    My article.
    My thread.
    My rules.

    You can focus on the data and data-related discussion or “you have the right to remain silent.”

  4. My article.
    My thread.
    My rules.

    You can focus on the data and data-related discussion or “you have the right to remain silent.”

    Thread-jacking comment deleted.

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