100 post marathon?

Our good friend Jim Lynch of bRight & Early has come up with an unusual idea: “The goal is to make 100 posts between now and Monday morning.

Well, it’s Monday evening, and Mr Lynch never came close to 100 posts, but what they really are is a fund raising effort: Mr and Mrs Lynch have managed to kill both of their cars, and are experiencing money problems at the moment; the donation button to the left is to Mr Lynch’s company, Tampa-Orlando Web Design and Hosting, not to CSPT or to me.

To those of you who are running your own websites, Mr Lynch designs WordPress based websites; he has done most of the work on the current CSPT site design, as well as on the previous one; these are designs for which I paid him. While I’m not completely internet illiterate, some of the problems that crop up are beyond my skills, and Mr Lynch has helped me. So, if you have a site design that isn’t quite what you want it to be, Mr Lynch is your man.

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