1. DP
    Chris Muir does Dr. No
    Posted by Dana Pico on 21 August 2011, 8:10 am

    Perhaps we should admire the President’s courage, but his luck stinks.

    BO has no courage. He takes no reponsibility for his actions, and everything is Bush’s and/or anyone else’s fault.

  2. “BO has no courage. He takes no reponsibility for his actions, and everything is Bush’s and/or anyone else’s fault.”

    Yorkshire, wrong!

    “Asked to reflect on the returns, he said, “I feel bad,” adding that many Democrats who went down to defeat had done so knowing they risked their careers to support his agenda of economic stimulus legislation and a landmark health care bill. He blamed himself, in part.”

  3. ….VINEYARD HAVEN, Massachusetts (AP)
    — President Barack Obama says his low approval rating is a reflection of public unhappiness with Congress. (Obama blames his ratings on Congress – Another act of Courage – Hey man, not my fault)

    Obama tells CBS in an interview broadcast Sunday that he’s “impacted,” just like Congress, when people aren’t happy with Washington.

    He says he understands that his arguments that the country would have been worse off if he hadn’t taken certain actions don’t resonate with the millions of unemployed people. (Oh, where did that Buck stop again??? Oh, somebody else)

    The president, who’s vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, says he expects to be judged in November 2012 on whether things have improved. (Oh 2010 was Congress’s fault, heh)

    Recent public opinion polls have shown Obama’s job approval rating at near 40 percent, the lowest of his presidency.

    Obama taped the CBS’ ‘Sunday Morning” interview last Wednesday in Illinois at the end of a Midwest bus tour focused on the economy.

    There’s your BO Courage Perry, it’s someone else’s fault.

  4. Teabagger quote for the day:

    He needs to get out of politics and make room for an American.“—Tea Partier Darrel Clark of Farmington, New Mexico, protesting outside an appearance by Democratic US Representative Ben Ray Luján, who was “born in Santa Fe, has lived in the US all his life, and is the son of a public school administrator and the speaker of New Mexico’s state House of Representatives.

    But remember, it is completely unfair to point at racism among teabaggers because it hurts their feelings.

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