Two Americas

There are two Americas and they are not colored and white nor are they rich and poor.  They may best be described as inside the Beltway and outside.  The phrase ‘inside the beltway’ roughly refers to the ‘circumferential highway’  that surrounds the District of Columbia but is more ideological that geographical.  There are power centers on Capital Hill and another around 20th and K.  This is the domain of the ‘retired’ politicians and power brokers.  There are outposts all over the nation and on both coasts.  It is the insiders versus the outsiders.

I have spent my time at 20th and K as a consultant.  The name of the game is influence and access.  Mind you, I have nothing against lobbyists.  I once had a pleasant chat with a man who was from New York City.  He is  Liberal, Jewish, and honest as to what he was and what he did.  He told me than he never bought a politician, he only rented them.  He was railroaded into prison briefly on a very silly charge,  He was accused of defrauding clients.  However, no client served as a plaintiff.  He used money they gave him to buy tickets to fundraising events for a variety of Democrat candidates.  His real sin was to say that the Democrat candidate for governor was the most corrupt man he had ever known.  The sleazebag won the election and the lobbyist went to jail.  Truth can be dangerous. 

There are special interests that like a supply of cheap labor. They are greedy and foolish and do not realize that costs will increase with amnesty.  There will be substantial social costs as well as the long-term costs of undermining our culture.  There is also a popular bias against rewarding criminality.  What part of illegal do some politicians not understand?

The people spoke on this issue.  We are a generous people but we do not tolerate those who do not respect our borders and our laws.  Should we tolerate sneak thieves and burglars who take out property simply because we have what they want?  Are our borders to be ignored?

Bush is a decent person but he is wrong on this issue.  His soft-hearted position my be more the result of compassion rather than of any malice.  Politics is often the art of the possible and also the lesser of the two evils.  At present, Senator Mc Cain and all of the Democrats running are on the dark side.

The insiders may try to but the farce known as ‘immigration reform’ back together again.  Humpty-Dumpty had a better chance after his fall.  We need a wall.

What was denounced as ‘filibustering’ was an attempt to deal with this snakes and spiders inside a 700 page bill that no Senator read in detail.  Why should anyone sign off on a contract without reading the fine print?  The devil is in the details and common sense won out.