The professional media reveal their Democratic bias

Tania from Midnight Blue has noted that, following last week’s six recall elections concerning six Republican state senators in Wisconsin, this week will see two more, this time concerning two Democratic state senators. Four of the Republicans retained their seats, meaning that the GOP retains control of the state Senate in Wisconsin.

12th DistrictKim Simac, founder of the Northwoods Patriots and owner of a riding club near Eagle River, will oppose 12 district Sen. Jim Holperin (D-Conover). This is the second time Senator Holperin has been recalled, the first in 1990 when he survived a recall election when he was a member of the State Assembly.  The 12th District of the Wisconsin Senate is located in north-eastern Wisconsin, and is composed of parts of Vilas, Oneida, Florence, Lincoln, Marinette, Langlade, Menominee, Oconto, Shawano and Forest Counties.  The district went for Walker in 2010 with 57.4% of the vote and word on the street is this election may be a GOP/Teaparty pickup.

22nd District Jonathan Steitz, a corporate attorney with a firm based in Chicago, will oppose Senator Robert Wirch (D-Pleasant Prairie) that same day. The 22nd district is composed of Kenosha and Racine counties in 2010 the district went for Governor Walker with 52.6% of the vote. I’m calling  race a toss up.

I guess that we’ll see Tuesday night; Tania will be reporting the results “on Twitter, Midnightblue, and G+.”

Tania noted that some $25 million has been sunk into these small recall elections, by both parties, with the Democrats trying to show that the conservative Republican/TEA Party movement has already fizzled, and for an electoral bitch-slap for Governor Scott Walker  (R-WI); the Republicans were playing defense.  Now the Democrats get to play defense.  But the paragraph of Tania’s original that got the greater part of my attention was this:

Curiously, there has been a near media blackout regarding the recall as the results were certified. MRC’s Brent Bozell compiled broadcast media coverage stats post August 2 recall results he reported ABC had no coverage, CBS devoted 1 minute and 55 seconds, and NBC 45 seconds of airtime . All the buzz surrounding the recall elections and results can found in the blogosphere. I’ve been covering elections in Wisconsin starting with the Klopp/Prosser election and have continued my coverage with the recall elections. With all the research I’ve put into these races, I consider myself an honorary Cheesehead.

I had noticed myself that there was strangely little coverage of what was supposed to be a big comeback for the Democrats, but hardly made a media count; I simply attributed it to my looking in the wrong places. But then someone whose job it is to count up these things quantified them, and it makes me ask: if the Democrats had unseated three (or more) Republicans in the recall elections, just how loudly would the professional media have trumpeted that?

Yeah, we already know the answer. And if the Republican challengers unseat one or both of the Democrats in the recall elections? Well, Fox News will have it, but, other than that, it’ll be a non-story.

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  1. This is nothing new. There was some legislation by a proposition was passed in CA about 10 years ago that was challenged in court by the Dems. The reps lost the court battle and news coverage by the LSM went on a frenzy for three days. What a big win they had. Then about three months later the higher Court in CA reversed it. Not a peep to be heard to this day.

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