PFC Pico and her Army Reserve unit have left for Fort Indiantown Gap , where they will undergo two days of MOUT — Military Operations in an Urban Terrain — training.

Fort Indiantown Gap is a Pennsylvania National Guard Training Center, but Army Reserve units use it for training purposes as well.

My older daughter told us a story about MOUT training from when she was in Basic. She and two others were wearing the man-dresses and playing the insurgents when they were captured in a room. The soldiers made them put their weapons down in a pile, and then had each of the three stand against separate walls. Then the two soldiers turned their backs on my older daughter, who was against one wall, leaving her with the pile of weapons between her and the BCT soldiers. Naturally, she moved toward the weapons, and the Drill Sergeant was not particularly pleased with the BCT soldiers.

Well, better they learn in Basic Combat Training than the hard way.


  1. Back in the riot times of the early 70’s our Reserve Unit did Riot Training. Looking back, we wouldn’t scare a bug. (but at least we had guns and no ammo) Our unit was a good percentage of Lawyers. It was the Unwilling, led by the incompentent, doing the unnecessary. Remember 50% of us were there because we didn’t want to be drafted.

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