I hope nobody’s legitimate comments went into the spam queue . . .

. . . because, with 245 spam comments captured, I just got lazy and deleted the whole thing without checking beyond the first page.


  1. Dana, or someone with administrative access, please forward my email address to Hoagie. I want to communicate with him privately. It has nothing to do with CSPT or anyone else who comments here. Thank you, and Best Regards to all but a few of the regulars.

  2. “Thank you, and Best Regards to all but a few of the regulars.”

    Couldn’t resist, could you ropelight? Still no class there is there?

  3. Perry, I never intended to include you among the “few,” in fact, I never gave it a thought one way or another. Your name just didn’t cross my mind. It took me a second or two to remember you at all.

    Best Regards, Perry. There now, I hope you feel better.

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