A few pics from downtown, plus Xion’s Big Adventure

I walked downtown today and took a few more photos:

30 West Broadway

This townhouse is fairly plain looking from the outside, except for the doors, but we went through it when it was for sale about seven years ago, and it’s really magnificent inside.

30 West Broadway

Same doors, just from a different angle.

29 West Broadway

This townhouse didn’t look too good just a couple of years ago, but someone has been putting some work into it.

29 West Broadway

In case you hadn’t noticed, I happen to like great entryways and doors. These are the doors on 29 West Broadway. It looks like there was some damage done to the bottom of one of them, which has been covered with a small metal plate. Due to how far down the molding comes, they won’t find stock antique brass kickplates to fit it, but they could get some and have them cut down. And while it doesn’t show in this photograph, the transom window is etched glass, with a big “29” in the center.

Someone refloored their front porch on Broadway, with unstained wood (looks like mahogany to me) and new wrought iron railing.


Xion is SPC Pico’s cat (and my first grandcat). He’s supposed to be an inside kitty, since he will normally be living in her apartment at State College when she’s in school, but he went out into our backyard to explorigate┬╣ today.

Our backyard, looking southeast, in the evening. Because of the angle of the sunlight, it looks like fall foliage outside our yard! The tree that looks slightly orange is actually a mature Japanese red maple. You can see a small Japanese maple in our yard that we planted a couple of years ago.

┬╣ – A Picoism, not a typo.


  1. Oh, to have a townhouse that has the splendor of classical design, superior materials like seasoned hardwood timbers……and an efficient HVAC system. I live in a cute house. The only problem is that it was built around a centrally located coal furnace (both of the neighbors chutes are still intact) so the addition of air ducts had to be worked around what was already there which, after the removal of two shade trees due to recent wind storms, has obvious consequences in this recent heat wave.

  2. Mike, believe me, the vast majority of the houses around here don’t have any room for air conditioning ducts. My house has added on steam radiators for heat, and we have a couple of window air conditioners for the bedrooms, but no central air.

    There are small guage air ducts for central air conditioning for older homes, but I don’t know how efficient they are at carrying cool air.

  3. mike g says:
    18 July 2011 at 14:26
    Do those boilers still use heating oil or do they use natural gas?

    My parents had oil heat boiler for steam in their house. Then about 35 Years they switched to gas fired cast ironr steam heat. When we sold the house two years ago it was still working like new.

  4. Heating oil. I’m looking at switching over to gas, but I don’t have gas service to my house; the utility company would have to run a line from the street.

  5. Sounds pricey either way. Especially if you’re talking about an older, less efficient boiler. On the other hand there’s the expense of paying the utility company to come and tear your front yard up but heating oil has rocketed up in price far far more than natural gas.

    Back in ye olden days, I heard that some local farmers would burn ruby red diesel in their home boilers to avoid paying the gas tax. You got any of that around the concrete plant? Go Galt, baby!

  6. Mike wrote:

    Back in ye olden days, I heard that some local farmers would burn ruby red diesel in their home boilers to avoid paying the gas tax. You got any of that around the concrete plant? Go Galt, baby!

    You’ve got it backwards: home heating oil is the least expensive of the diesel fuels. I’ve heard of truckers changing over their fuel tanks to show a bit of over-the-road diesel for inspection, but mostly burning home heating oil.

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