This will make my daughters happy!

The Army is listening to our soldiers:

Army dumps beret as official ACU headgear

By Lance M. Bacon – Staff writer
Posted : Monday Jun 13, 2011 8:08:04 EDT

The troops spoke, and the leadership listened: On Tuesday, patrol caps will once again be the official headgear for the Army Combat Uniform.

The beret change is one of several key uniform changes provided to Army Times by Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler.

The changes were prompted by feedback from “thousands of soldiers” through post-deployment surveys, social media and discussions with soldiers during base visits, said Chandler, who sees himself as a “scout” for the Army secretary and chief of staff and a “voice in the Pentagon” for every soldier.

Much more at the link.

The berets remain for Class A uniforms, but the service caps can now be worn for everyday duties. The Army Times article concluded by saying that there would be news concerning further uniform changes coming later this week.


  1. Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler.

    I’d like to believe that he writes memoranda suitable for voice-over narration, having been influenced by one of my absolute favorite authors with whom he shares that name.

    That he would be unfamiliar with him is simply unthinkable as my experience with Sergeants is that they are usually pretty savvy people.

    (I seem to recall hearing of the black beret worn by U.S.Army Rangers being called “the Monica”, after events involving W’s predecessor.)

  2. I thought years ago, the introduction of the beret for all soldiers lessened the importance of the Army’s equivalent to the Navy Seals which is the Green Berets. At least during basic and AT, you saw a green beret, you stepped aside, officer or not. They were the Elite. Then, I suppose PC overtook the Army (as it does everything else) and thinking all soldiers wear a beret, and you were equal. You just weren’t equal, you were not as good.

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