The Jim Thorpe Memorial Day Parade

I tried to persuade SPC Pico and PFC Pico that they should arise, put on their ACUs, and march in the Jim Thorpe Memorial Day parade; it didn’t work. :(

Nor was I surprised.

The parade passes right in front of our house, and, as always, is pretty small.

The constables on patrol always lead the parade!

Click on any picture to embiggen.

The local American Legion

Mayor Michael Sofranko, in the blue coat, marching with the American Legion

Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 8067, Jim Thorpe

An elderly veteran, a brave man who did his duty

The Jim Thorpe Area High School Marching Olympians

More of the band

The Boy Scouts

No small town parade is complete without firetrucks!

Not all firetrucks are red! Engine 1114 of the Jim Thorpe Fire Department

Jim Thorpe Fire Department, Ladder Company 25

Lehighton Ambulance Company Unit 5619, and the end of the parade.

We honor the memory of Sergeant Andrew J Baddick, United States Army, who gave his life in Iraq, trying to save another soldier.


  1. Dana, couldn’t you work out a front view of the chick who shows up in about half your pictures. You have failed some of your regular readers on this here blog! :)

  2. I think it looks like a fun parade. Hell, everybody’s smiling. It does look like you have more fire engines than you’ve ever had fires though.

  3. Oh, we’ve had fires. :( Just on my street, a vacant commercial building burned down a few years ago and, worse, an old church that some people I know — OK, am barely acquainted with — had bought and were remodeling as a residence had a serious fire inside, which didn’t destroy the building, but destroyed the stained glass windows and make it look like, from the outside, that the main sanctuary is totally unfit now.

    My house is about 110 years old, and the rest of the neighborhood is similarly aged. That means that the wood is as dry as it can be.

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