A Conspiracy in Delaware?

Is it possible that the malign tentacles of political arch villain Karl Rove have stretched as far as New Castle County Delaware to destroy the chances of a promising young Democrat to make a real name for herself in politics?

Such a claim has been raised by one Sherry Freebery.

Sherry began her career as a police officer but soon found herself a millionaire.  She was also very close to former County Executive Thomas Gordon. Very close.  She went from cop to chief of police to top assistant to Gordon in rather short order.

Sherry attained millionaire status rather easily. There was no inheritance, writing of a best seller, or even winning a lottery.  She never even traded in cattle futures.  Sherry simply impressed an older woman as being ‘that sweet blond lady’.  She appears to be a little rough around the edges, but what does this mean?

This appeared to be a result of Sherry’s sensitivity when the older woman was having a bit of a problem in the area of criminal justice.  Her son was in a bit of hot water for the murder-for-hire of a prostitute.

This alleged sweetness got Sherry an unsecured 2.7 million dollar loan.  With this much cash in hand, Sherry felt able to buy a property with a substantial mortgage.  Now Federal law requires mortgage applicants to list any outstanding financial obligations (such as loans) .  Failure to do so or making false applications is a crime.  Ms. Freebery offered a unique defense by stating that she did not intend to repay the loan and this meant the outstanding sum was not a true outstanding obligation.  No gift tax (as required by IRS rules) was paid by the donor, so there could be a matter of tax evasion. 

Was the elderly woman making the loan with the easiest of payments a victim of a sharp-talking young woman or was there more to the story? The generous senior citizen was part of the moneyed DuPont clan and had some pending business before the County Government.  It involved the rezoning of a tract of land that could have greatly enhanced its value.  Then there was the possibility that with the right connection, a certain son might receive a ‘get out of jail (almost) free card’ for his murder rap.  Cynics may smell a bit of underhanded quid pro quo.

Perhaps Sherry is one of those people who regularly have money pressed into their hands by strangers.  She has proven to be a generous soul, and even made a friendly, six-figure loan to a judge. 

Things were getting a bit out of hand in Wilmington and Gordon was accused of using County employees to do political work for him in his primary campaign.  There was also a sexual harassment charge that was settled after a few laws were jiggered to let the taxpayers foot a rather hefty bill. 

Sherry would have us believe that Karl Rove, in concert with some Democrats in Wilmington, would engage in a long-distance frame-up of a sweet lady who brings out the best in selected people.  Then again, with her demonstrated ability to raise funds without even running for office could make Sherry Freebery a formidable candidate.


  1. Pour me a glass of “Sherry” and some one take my keys. Can some one point me to where I can get a 2.7 million loan that I don’t have to pay back?

  2. Rovin,

    Easy enough – just ask the Beast’s former boss, Ex TYCO corporation CEO L. Dennis Kozlowski, he of the $6000 shower cutain fame.

    Only you will have to wait until visiting day, since he’s in the federal pen for quite a long time.

    Of course, he was not a Dem.

  3. Of course, he was not a Dem. Hairy Beast

    Koslowski was not a politician, and given the amount of money he was raking in, his aggregate political contributions of $24,500 seem a bit niggardly.

    But what does this have to do with Sherry F?

    The story was broken a couple of years ago by a newspaper that generally supports Democrats and the political enemies are all Democrats.

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