Ex-Girlfriend song

Every so often I’ll get a song stuck in my head for some reason. Well, this morning as I turned on the television as I was getting ready for work, there was a Moody Blues concert on HDNET:


  1. I’m Just A Singer in a Rock n Roll Band. Two places where the beginning works well. First is start to enter an on ramp from a dead stop. You will be doing 70+ at the merge. The second is when your plane you’re on is at a dead stop at the beginning of a runway, revs up,and you’re on your way down the runway. You’ll be airborne just after the bass starts.


  2. Are you a progressive rock fan, Dana? Got a bunch of Rush and Dream Theater tapes in that Ford of yours?

  3. Not at all, Mike, but there are some songs, from any genre, which just stick with you, and this is one of them.

    I can remember this professor’s face, and the day he said this, but not his name or the class. He was an elderly man, and his wife had died fairly recently, and he was battling depression; he said that his solution was to play the Moody Blues, loud.

    For that professor:

  4. Not at all, Mike, but there are some songs, from any genre, which just stick with you,


    Oh, God, make it stop.

  5. Phoe, I see your “How Bizarre,” and raise you this. Go ahead, try to get that out of your head. I dare you.

    And my favorite Moody Blues song here.

    Maybe I’ll be back to post another one tomorrow afternoon 😉

  6. Yorkshire has the comments on the tornado thread closed. This belongs in there

    From Balloon Juice:

    Climate sets the base energy level for weather.

    Climate change directly causes the increase in potential destructive force of weather, because weather is a chaotic system.

    It has NOTHING TO DO WITH STUDY OR THEORY! It is a mathematical formula like 2+2=4! There is nothing even slightly ambiguous about any of this!

    Right now I would say, as a longterm plan get the hell out of any place, anywhere in the world, that is ‘tornado alley’ or ‘hurricane central’ or any of that. Seriously.

    Because this is just a little teaser of what we will end up facing in just ten years and it’s too late to change that even if everyone suddenly woke the FUCK up.

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    [format error fixed]

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