Why Are Liberals So Scared Of Fred Thompson?

It’s funny, as much as I’ve seen so much criticism of the GOP debate last week, one could easily argue that the person who made the biggest mark on the debate was a person who wasn’t even there: Fred Thompson. Which brings me to wonder out aloud . . . what is it about Fred Thompson that has so many liberals literally scared? Could it be that he’s the only possible GOP candidate with real conservative credentials? Could it be the name factor (admit it, you watch “Law & Order” just as much as the next guy, tho’ I personally prefer “L & O: SVU”)? Or could it be that Fred Thompson is the guy most likely to consistently pull the current-day Democrat party card? Check what he spouted on “Hannity & Colmes” the other day: “As far as the Democrats, they are adhering to the extent they can, to the most leftwing element of their base. You know, MoveOn.org and those folks are running the Democratic Party. And they’re taking extremist positions and doing extremist things. Harry Reid is doing things that I think the American people are going to reject. They’re as near to vesting in defeat of their own country as anything I’ve ever seen. And I don’t think the American people will forgive ‘em for that. So they’re going through that exercise. And let’s just let ‘em go. Let’s just give ‘em a little rope and see what they do.”

How can you not love the guy!


  1. Thompson was probably smart in avoiding the travesty that passed as a debate.

    He comes off as a traditional citizen-legislator than a typical pol.

  2. I will agree that he was wise to pass on the debate.

    But do you really think that recycling the “Democrats are left wing commie wackos run by George Soros!” meme will work? It sure didn’t in ’06.

  3. what is it about Fred Thompson that has so many liberals literally scared?

    huh? I haven’t noticed liberals being scared by Fred Thompson.

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