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From The Constitution Club:

Total Victory in the Battle for the 2nd Amendment

Posted on May 12, 2011 by Zazu

Conservative forces often complain about losing the grand battle for the heart and soul of America, about declining moral standard, and a certain long term move towards socialism and loss of freedom. Well, atleast when it comes to gun rights, the move seems to be going the other way. Look at the map above, 48 out of 50 states allow residents to carry concealed weapons, and the overwhelming majority have a “shall issue” policy, meaning that concealed permits are given in all but extraordinary circumstances. Oh, and the map is outdated, Iowa has recently become a shall issue state, also Wyoming and Arizona have joined Alaska and Vermont as “Constitutional Carry” states where one can carry a gun without a permission slip from Big Brother. Now the state of Wisconsin is moving towards becoming the 49th state to permit concealed carry, leaving Illinois and DC as the last bastions of tyranny (because when you think of safe places to live, your first thoughts are Chicago and Washington DC).

There’s a good deal more, including the author’s note concerning how violent crime has decreased in the United States since state legislatures started removing the idiotic gun control legislation that was previously on the books, though he does note that correlation does not equal causation.

The author has led an interesting life. His blog biography:

Zazu is not afraid of communism, or pacifism, or socialized medicine. A three time immigrant, he was born in 1983 in Leningrad, USSR. Having gotten tired of the bread line scene, Zazu and family packed their stuff and made aliyah to Jerusalem, Israel. They came during the boom of the peace craze when the Oslo accords were signed and everyone was smoking the crack pipe of reconciliation. Having predicted what is about to happened in that country, Zazu and family flew to Toronto, Canada, where Zazu’s doctor father was told that he could not practice his trade because with socialized medicine there was only so much money to go around among the doctors. Finally Zazu arrived in the US where he made himself a home as a freedom loving, gun owning, troops saluting, hard working, flag waving, socially drinking, Constitution respecting, artsy-fartsy movie watching, libertarian atheist. Like many immigrants before him he is settling the American frontier; bringing civilization to the godforsaken liberal hellhole of Ithaca, NY.

I find that interesting: born in a failing socialist state — please, pardon the obvious redundancy — his family moved to a nation which defends itself strongly (that’s the part our media shows us) but which is very much a European-style democratic socialist state as far as its domestic policies are concerned, and pulled up stakes again, heading for our great neighbor to the North, yet another European-style democratic socialist state. They found real freedom and liberty when they came to the United States. The author’s experiences, mostly as a child, when the state is attempting to use the public schools for socialization, left him sour on socialism and yearning for freedom.

Unfortunately, the map the author presented doesn’t tell the whole story. It concerns whether or not Americans without felony records can carry firearms, but there are various other gun control laws on the books or being proposed. Here in the Keystone State, the good Democrats in the City of Brotherly Love wanted to impose all sorts of gun control ordinances, and get the state legislature to pass companion laws to help them, but the legislature declined¹, and Pennsylvania law is such that cities cannot enact gun control ordinances stricter than the state laws.

Not that that would stop the good Democrats of Philadelphia!

Philadelphia going way too far with gun control

By Aaron Proctor, (January 28th, 2011 8:53 am ET)

“..because there’s sooo many people with legally registered guns running out and committing murder in Philly.”

Those are the sarcastic words of Sandra Stewart, Republican City Council candidate in District 6. The Philadelphia Libertarian Examiner recently asked her about the City’s latest idea to compile a list of everyone who owns a gun here. The Philadelphia Libertarian Examiner also tried to reach City Council candidate and Republican David Oh by leaving him a voicemail a few days ago, but he’s too cool for school and doesn’t have to talk to lowly websites like ours. . . . .

Yes, the City of Philadelphia wants to make sure that law-abiding citizens are punished for the actions of people whom they refuse to acknowledge are causing the real problems. The Roxborough man who wants to protect his home and family is made out to be the villain, not the illegal immigrants coming here and other ne’er-do-wells buying stacks of guns at K-Mart and shipping them to Mexican Cartels.

The City of Philadelphia knows what’s about to happen. This City is about to go through record financial insolvency. The City will lay off police officers and fire fighters and try to blame everything on the Republican State House of Representatives. Then, crime will spike even further and there will be rioting and looting in the streets. It would look bad to all the people who get handouts from the City if people in say, Bridesburg or Port Richmond, shoot a violent criminal who invades with their crime spree from North Philadelphia.

The City of Philadelphia will have a list of everyone who legally has a gun. If some type of State of Emergency takes place, the City will be able to go around and forcibly collect everyone’s guns. This already happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina – what’s not to say it can’t happen here?

The City also wants to punish people who follow the law and blame them on the reasons why some thugs in Kensington held up a convenience store. City Councilman Darrell Clarke even sent a “kindly worded” letter to Governor Tom Corbett requesting that Corbett look the other way when the City of Philadelphia takes a dump on the Constitution.

Well, it’s pretty simple: if that ordinance passed, and a Philadelphia resident didn’t want his name on that registry, all he’d have to do is buy his gun in Montgomery County. But the problem isn’t with law-abiding citizens who buy guns; the problem is with people who are criminals! The 2007 article from The New York Times I referenced earlier noted that Philadelphia has a much higher murder rate than New York City, but, other than blaming it on poverty, failed to note the real difference: former Mayor Rudy Guiliani (R-New York City) instituted a get tough on crime policy, in which the police cracked down on the low-level offenders, and the courts punished minor offenses harshly. Philadelphia, on the other hand, has what amounts to a catch-and-release program for minor offenses, and then everyone is shocked, shocked! when a police officer is shot by some thug with a sixteen page rap sheet for “minor” offenses, and everyone is asking, “Why wasn’t he already in jail?”

The cause of freedom is winning, but winning slowly, and, regrettably, Zazu’s chosen title, “Total Victory in the Battle for the 2nd Amendment,” isn’t quite accurate.

¹ – When the referenced article was written, in 2007, Democrats had a one-seat majority in the state House of Representatives, while the GOP controlled the state Senate; the Governor was Ed Rendell, a Democrat, former Mayor of Philadelphia, and a gun control advocate. Since the November 2010 elections, both Houses of the state legislature are controlled by Republicans, and our Governor is Tom Corbett, a Republican. Our freedoms are reasonably safe for the next few years.


  1. What’s interesting to me is that of the two (now four, I guess) states that are constitutional carry states, one of them is also about to pass single-payer health care… gun rights advocates have a more interesting coalition than they often receive credit for.

  2. Just from my casual observation, I assume you’re talking about Vermont, which has the only openly Socialist Senator. It is indeed a strange combination of Second Amendment strength with Constitution rejection.

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