Truth Before Dishonor

I should have mentioned this before, but was pretty busy when I first saw it: Hube, from The Colossus of Rhodey, is also blogging part time on John Hitchcock’s Truth Before Dishonor.

Mr Hitchcock started Truth Before Dishonor in 2009, but when he tried to take it from a site to an independent one, he developed some real technical problems getting it working, though when it was working, it really looked good. He recently revived the old site, and now has some content there that he isn’t cross-posting here. It’s worth a look.


  1. Occasionally I cross-post to CSPT and occasionally I cross-post to Caffeinated Thoughts. Occasionally those cross-posts aren’t the same. And like Dana said, I have posts that I don’t cross-post. (the posts I deem of lesser quality or importance) But dang, Hube throws in a couple outlandishly quality articles and makes me look more amateurish than I already am! I’m glad I conned him into cross-posting. I conned Dana into cross-posting, too, but he wisened up after his first cross-post and “never did that again”. 😉

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