Saturday morning musings

It has been a long and busy week at work, and here it is, Saturday morning, pouring rain, and I’m still sending out concrete!

In celebration of Earth Day yesterday, Kevin and I cleaned out the lines on the dust collector. OK, it wasn’t really to celebrate Earth Day, but because it just had to be done. :( I guess that there are nastier jobs than working on dust collectors at a concrete plant — pumping out septic tanks or cleaning jobsite porta-johns sound worse — but there aren’t many.

Our good friend Amanda Marcotte had to transfer her driver’s license from Texas to New York since she moved to Brooklyn:

Wish me luck. I’m going to the DMV in an attempt to get a driver’s license. I have tried this before, but it turns out the paperwork requirements to get oen in New York state are the sort of thing that a red state trying to pass voting laws or birther laws couldn’t even dream of. I will be armed with my lease, my Social Security card, my passport, and my old driver’s license. Let us hope that this is enough to at least keep the lady at the counter from laughing in my face as she did last time I thought I had enough paperwork to get a driver’s license.

Here in the Keystone State, we have a two-tiered system: you can go to the regular Department of Motor Vehicles office and be “served” by rude, inflexible people (who, to be fair, have no flexibility in their guidelines), and who care nothing for you, after you have waited in a long line, or you can go to a private Notary Public, pay an additional service fee (locally around $15), and get everything taken care of for you, with the exception of getting your picture taken and the actual driver’s license handed to you. The notary can get all of the cards you need, so that all you have to do at DMV is take the photo card to the window, get your picture taken, and the license itself made. The notaries public also handle vehicle registrations. Or you can mail the renewal applications in, and get what you need back in the mail, and all you have to go to DMV for is the photo itself.

I had to renew my license this month.

You do have to go to DMV itself if you are transferring a license from out of state, and for your initial permit and license tests. But, after Virginia — and I will swear that the Hampton, Virginia, DMV office is Affirmative Action for the Mentally Challenged — and Delaware, Pennsylvania isn’t to bad, simply because we do have a private system through which we can go around most of the bureaucracy.

And people wonder why I don’t trust the good, compassionate people who want to run our health care through the government!

Yesterday was a long day, because I had to drive to State College after work to get the older Miss Pico for Easter weekend. We’ve pulled most of the stuff out of her apartment because she’ll be leaving for the Mohave Desert for three weeks of active duty just two days after her exams are over. She has only three classes required for her to be graduated, but one of them is not offered in the fall semester, so she’s probably going to wait until next spring semester to go back to college.

My darling bride (of 31 years, 11 months and four days) bought me a new computer CPU yesterday. My old one was dead, and I was using an old Dell that we had bought for our older daughter when she was a junior in high school. I got home so late last night that I haven’t installed it yet.

More later.


  1. My last experience with the DMV (Actually DPS in Texas, for Department of Public Safety — NOT to be confused with the French Revolution’s Committee of Public Safety — I don’t think the guillotine was ever used in Texas, even when the French had a claim on a piece of it) was nice enough to inspire Today was a really, really good day…

    That title is honest, without a trace of snark. I guess, once-in-a-while, the Gods feel they’ve had enough amusement and decide to cut you a little slack. :-)

  2. “be “served” by rude, inflexible people (who, to be fair, have no flexibility in their guidelines), and who care nothing for you, after you have waited in a long line,…”

    I went into early retirement in 2004, after my IT job was outsourced to a company in India.

    With the help of my 401k, I made it until late 2008 before things got desparate enough to require more income.

    At my age, the only thing I could find was a position as a part-time grocery cashier.

    At times, I have talked (Ok, whined) about it in posts (especially in Psychosomatica ).

    As I noted there, the manager who hired me was worried about only having that for someone with my background. I promised him that he would not be getting some disgruntled guy showing up with an attitude. If this is the hand I’ve been dealt, then I’ll play it as best I can.

    I’ve done my level best to keep that promise; it’s not his fault that my situation is less than my dreams, nor is it the fault of the customers I serve.

    So, I may have a smidgen of understanding for the DMV people you describe, but not all that much sympathy. To them:

    “So, your job is soul-killing?  Well, guess what?!!!
      A lot of us can say that. Welcome to the real world.”

  3. Dana where is the talk about the Barletta town hall the other night? I have a feeling that he’s going to look even worse in the sunday morning call than he has the last few days. If I understand correctly what Kolby was going to report on, then he is about to get exposed as someone who wants to destroy people’s retirement incomes with regard to the whole debt ceiling vote.

    And yes, I was there the other night.

  4. Thanks for setting the record straight, JW!

    That said, an objection to Barletta’s vote for the Ryan plan is in order, because the Ryan plan is extreme, rewarding the wealthy more at the expense of the middle and poor. There are plenty of steps we can take to stimulate the formation of jobs while also attacking this severe deficit/debt problem. Nevertheless, Ryan and his Repub supporters seem intent on redistributing more wealth upwards and more responsibility for solving our deficit/debt problem downwards. These people are truly insane, or said even better, they are NOT proponents of a strong America with a vibrant middle class, in my view!

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