TEA Party vs “US Uncut”

Liberals do not get it. They just do not understand. At all. There are many Liberals who have bought the line that the TEA Party is astroturf. That belief and the truth are on opposite ends of the continuum. The TEA Party is genuine grass-roots.

Then there are the Liberals who know the TEA Party is grass-roots but think the TEA Party phenomenon is merely a massive group of Americans who are strongly discontent and somehow got shifted rightwards by some nebulous leadership somewhere. These Liberals believe they can step in and take over the grass-roots discontent and shift it leftwards. Again, these Liberals’ beliefs and the truth of the TEA Party are at opposite ends of the continuum.

The Liberals are using both wrong-headed ideas to try to move the protests over to their side. The absolute failures of the Liberals are completely unexpected — to the Liberals. But that’s because Liberals just don’t get it. Pajamas Media pretty much nails it.

Tea Party vs. US Uncut: A San Francisco Tax Day Showdown

When the Tea Party first emerged, the pro-big-government left at first tried to ignore it.

When that didn’t work, they tried to discredit it.

When that didn’t work, they tried insults.

When that didn’t work, they tried mockery.

When that didn’t work, they tried to undermine it.

When that didn’t work, they tried to discredit it again.

But after the Tea Party swept the 2010 elections, the left realized that none of these strategies had any effect. So they adopted a new one:

The big-government advocates are now trying to co-opt the Tea Party. Which seems patently absurd. Yet the progressives are operating on the naive assumption that “populist anger” is itself a politically neutral energy, and that the Tea Party was just lucky to catch the wave and funnel that anger rightward. The big-government advocates now imagine they can seize the reins and funnel that exact same populist uprising toward the left side of the spectrum.

In an effort to create a mass Leftist movement to infiltrate the TEA Party and discredit it via dishonest methods, a school teacher used school time and school equipment to create “Crash the Tea Party”. He got fired for doing that on school time with school property. Ironic that a man violated school regulations in an effort to promote something dishonest. Or not. But the “mass movement” fizzled.

Still, dishonest Liberals act as lone wolves to infiltrate and discredit TEA Parties. Such as the woman seen here. And TEA Partiers are wise to their games, as shown by the woman holding the sign pointing out the infiltrator. And what do we see but a member of the media interviewing the infiltrator — with the full knowledge she’s an infiltrator! Typical lamestream media tactic.

Of course, there are the Leftist Big Government folks creating top-down astroturf organizations to try to combat the TEA Party. Such as the Coffee Party, which is suffering from a near-complete lack of interest. And now US Uncut is trying to do the exact same thing the Coffee Party tried to do, and is meeting with the same (lack of) success.

Yes, folks, over in San Fransisco, US Uncut decided to do a “grass-roots” counter-rally to the TEA Party rally taking place in San Fransisco. 45 US Uncut people showed up to do their choreographed “flash-mob” band-and-dance routine while a far greater crowd of TEA Partiers showed up to their rally. In San Fransisco, the Big Government Liberals couldn’t muster a crowd but the TEA Party could. But US Uncut did create a false “interview”. Yes, US Uncut lied in their “interview” creation.

Not to be outdone (in futility), Chicago had their own US Uncut rally of 20 people.

Go on over to Pajamas Media to see the entire ball of wax. Loads of photos. Four videos. The wholly dishonest US Uncut “interview.” Oh, and the Libertarian Party and Republican Party set up tables to get registrations — tables which were mostly ignored.

Liberals just don’t get it. Statist Republicans just don’t get it. But We the People get it.


  1. Liberals do not get it. They just do not understand. At all. There are many Liberals who have bought the line that the TEA Party is astroturf.

    That number turning up to Michelle Bachman’s Tax Day Rally again:


    Not 30,000.

    Not 3,000.



  2. The corrupt, left wing media is at it again. Andy Barr, a “journalist” reports an absolute lie at the so-called “political news site” Politico. At least this time he names a source, highly unusually for a website that’s famous for smearing Sarah Palin, and others, by quoting “unnamed sources.”

    Barr used the lie to further the blood libel that somehow Sarah was responsible for the mass murders in Tuscon, even though that has been totally discredited. This is what Barr writes:

    Palin retreats, won’t reload

    Palin’s putting the safety catch on her references to weapons in the wake of Rep. Giffords’s shooting.

    Continue Reading

    Her speech last night to the Safari Club in Reno was closed press, but thanks to the Reno Gazette-Journal’s David Jacobs putting his ear to a closed door, we’re hearing the former Alaska governor’s new line.

    Palin dropped the “reload” phrase from her routine, telling the audience of hunters “don’t retreat, stand tall” — a shift from her now infamous and well-known “don’t retreat, reload” line that played on a loop on cable in the after the Tucson shooting.

    In the wake of the tragedy, Palin came under attack for having put Giffords’s district in crosshairs on her website.

    In Reno, Palin also spoke in favor of gun rights and of her love of hunting, telling the crowd that hunting and fishing is part of American “exceptionalism.”

    This is, of course, not true. Almost as soon as this BS story broke, a member of Free Republic, SFMom, posted that she attended the event and Sarah not only used her and her dad’s trademark line: “Don’t retreat, reload” but used it several times.

    Rebecca Mansour, who works for Sarah, confirmed via Twitter that the Politico story is “inaccurate” and Sarah indeed used her trademark line.

    Is it just me, or is anyone else just a little pissed off this twerp put the word: “exceptionalism” as in AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM, in quotes?

    There’s the lying source NZT cited. Now, NZT, how about getting on point? How about actually discussing the article where you had to cite a liar discussing something that wasn’t even germane? Or, you can go on lying as you always do.

  3. Wait — how dare you use a picture of a black man in this post!!! Was he the only African-American in attendance??


  4. Now, NZT, how about getting on point?

    300 people turned up to a Bachman rally because your astroturfing masters weren’t behind it.

    The teabaggers have already been shown to be funded by multimillionaires like the Koch brothers, and they turn off the spigots when they don’t care about a political spectacle.

    You’re a dupe as well as a liar, PB.

  5. First they came for the uncircumcised, and I said nothing…

    We’re talking the teabaggers here. As blackshirts go, a bunch of fat idiots on hoverrounds are not the scariest thing I can imagine.

  6. As has been pointed out, it is now politically embarrssing for the GoP to have morons marching around with signs saying “Hands off my Medicare!!”. So the multimillionaire backers have removed their funding.

    And, lo, the teabagger crowd numkbers shrink to the size of college lecture numbers.


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