Army ROTC at Penn State today

Because of all of the ice at Penn State, SPC Pico’s ROTC unit spent today spreading de-icing chemicals outside, because they couldn’t do their field work. I asked her if that meant that they were all fuzzy privates today. She texted back: We were . . . it was for “character building.”

How much character did you build, I asked

Oh lots, of course.

Almost as much character as the time I had to low crawl through the mud for ΒΌ mile.

Sounds like she had fun!

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  1. The Very Unofficial Gummint Definitions for personnel

    Character Building – 1st definition is the class clown.

    Character Building – 2nd definition is doing a job no normal sane person, including Mike Rowe would do for less than $75/hr.

    Character Building – 3rd definition is the Army is paid for already, make them do it as a Character Building Demo of Discipline (for free)

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