News of the Weird Side

I was already to go to work today. We’re having a cold front moving through PA this morning so it breezy with an occasion wind gust. I got to the car and was ready to open the door when one of those gusts hit me like I was shot by a bean bag gun the cops use for riot control. This gust knocked me over. Having one leg and two crutches I didn’t “stand” a chance of staying vertical.

When the doc did his legectomy he took part of the butt with it. (and the padding) They also had to cut the sciatic nerve and since they are elastic, they pulled it out as far they could stretch it, and cut it, and it snapped back in away from the skin surface. So being almost half-assed, I landed hard on the pelvic bone (fortunately it didn’t break) and it smashed what was left of the sciatic nerve.

I’m a little sore and achey, but when I stand up what hurts the most is the missing leg. The brain has a map of all the nerves in your body. Just because 95% of the right sciatic nerve was cut off, there’s no way of turning off those switches on the control panel. So, what hurts the most is the right knee and most of the right leg. But there’s this little problem of the total leg missing. That is Phantom Pain at it’s worst. Weird news as I stated it would be.


  1. Perry says:
    8 February 2011 at 17:13
    Ouch! Take good care of yourself, Yorkshire!

    Thanks Perry,
    Where there is no leg, it hurts 10 times more than the rest of me. This falls under you just can’t make this stuff up. 😎

  2. And now, I feel the ingrown toenail on the big toe again. But the leg and the big toe have been gone since Oct. 20, 2006. The body is an amazing complicated machine.

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