Wrestler Expelled For Wrestling Wrestler During Wrestling Practice

And he had criminal charges filed against him. They were eventually dropped, but still… And he’s still expelled for not committing a crime and not bullying.

From Right Wing News (HT Pursuing Holiness):

Tell the Clovis School Board to bring back Preston Hill to school with a welcoming assembly, a written and public apology, and let him graduate with his class.

To the family of the “victim:” Shame on both of you for teaching your son to be a wimp and a whiner. You are to blame for this ridiculously overblown situation, not so much your son. The father’s public comments show no remorse whatsoever. The step-mother obviously has no clue what she is doing and needs to be minimalized as an influence on the stepson. You should take your son out of the high school and put him somewhere else and put all three of you in counseling with a therapist who will tell you all to “buck up or wear a cup.” You owe the Hill family damages, in my humble opinion.

To Preston Hill and family: Way to hang in there. Civil damages are probably due, but trying to get “justice” from a “legal” system is a long process which may prolong the pain. You will decide as a family what is best, let your attorney’s advice be secondary to YOUR decision.

To Fresno County attorney Beth Egan: Deputy District attorney Elana Smith should be fired immediately.

Do go read the story. It’s outrageous. Liberal overreach.


  1. Did the wrestler’s fingers penetrate the anus of the other wrestler in the move? Who knows, they might have; wrestlers grab at each other in attempts to gain leverage and make throws, and things are never perfect. If so, was it intentional? There’s no way to ever prove something like that. But if you play contact sports, you are saying, inter alia, that you have consented to incidental contact that you might not really like; it’s all part of the game.

    Reading the stories, it seems to me that the fault lays with the younger wrestler’s father, “a former counselor for a local child-abuse agency.” The father would have had to have signed a permission form for his son to participate on the wrestling team in the first place, and now he’s shocked, shocked! that wrestlers grab and pull and try to overpower their opponents.

  2. That younger wrestler sounds a lot like Phoeny — he’d probably bring “torture” charges against Hill and would implicate the entire country for the “crime.”

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