If There Are Any Unruly Mobs In Baltimore

… or Pittsburgh; if there are any dumpster fires; if any cars are overturned this weekend, the blame for all that rests squarely on the shoulders of one Terrell Suggs.

When asked to expound on his comment in an interview with “ESPN First Take” on Monday, Suggs said that for the Ravens, the matchup is taking on biblical proportions.

“This is World War III to us. This is definitely Armageddon,” Suggs said.

With violent rhetoric like that, who can resist the urge to go out and destroy private property or hurt innocents?


  1. If you look up the definition of Baltimore, it is unruly. Back in the early to mid 1800’s it was known as mobtown for the fights that broke out. Back when Lincoln became President there was no inter-rail service between the PA RR, and the B&O which meant that Lincoln came from NY or Philly into the President St. Station (East side of the Inner-Harbor) to B&O’s Camden Station now near where the stadium for the Orioles Baseball. If you ever saw the big warehouse, it’s on the other side from the station. Pinkerton Agents had to sneak him from one station to the other which is about a mile. Baltimore was a Southern City held in what was to become a hostage state in the War of Northern Aggression. Had the city known he was coming through he may not have made it. Then the last riot was 1968 with King being shot.

    After that mass celebrations. In 2001 when the Ravens won the Super, all was quiet.

    But in 1968 with the race riots, the city’s racial population make up changed. It was about 35-65 before 1968, now it’s about 70-30.

  2. LOL nice i love the comments.

    personally, i think pitt’s got this one locked up. don’t get me wrong, i would like to see them lose, but pitt’s just the more complete team at this point.

  3. Yeah, but, the Ravens and Steelers are 1-1. Each with a loss to the other at home. Stillers might be rested, but the Ravens are coming off a squashing of KC and have the big MO. First two games were low scoring and each won by 3 pts.

  4. Ravens are coming off a squashing of KC and have the big MO.

    That settles it. I was pretty certain Blitzburgh would win before, but I’m absolutely certain now. With Michelle Obama on Baltimore’s team, Baltimore can’t possibly win.

    And I’ve been a Steelers fan since back when they played 14 game seasons, when the Steel Curtain was just a spool of thread.

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