Christina Green’s Father Speaks Out

Christina Green was born on 9-11, the tragic day Islamic Terrorists hit the US. She died 9 years later by the hands of Jared Lee Loughner. It would be understandable if her father, John Green, were to speak out in a rage. But he didn’t. Instead, despite his great anguish, he still showed a strong belief in a free society.

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It shouldn’t happen in this country or anywhere else but in a free society we’re gonna be subject to people like this so– I prefer this to the alternative.

Very few people can even come close to understanding what he and his whole family are going through emotionally. My second daughter was murdered, but I won’t claim to understand what he’s going through. For him to stand up for a free society and against the alternative so quickly after his own tragic loss says a lot about his own honor.

As Ed Morrissey said, “Addendum: Kudos to Meredith Viera for her sensitive and supportive handling of the interview.”


  1. I find it interesting that no leftist has even made an attempt to comment here, given what the man said. Must be that leftist “let’s pretend this isn’t here” thing. Doesn’t fit their narrative.

  2. it is more than that john. way more than that.

    my parents lost my brother to cancer at 4 years old. that was almost 56 years ago. he was mom and dads first born child, they were just nearly 20. the rest of us 6 kids came years afterward.(mom was 46 with the last one) my mom and dad didn’t completely heal from that till weeks before my dad died a couple years ago. my brothers and sister witnessed the most amazing journey and road all those years and the final healing. we never really understood the unspoken things we knew were between mom and dad, the invisible yet palpable unfinished business they had not shared between them all those years. mom and dad spent almost 60 years together, carrying each others burdens, with love and untiring selfless sacrifice, yet no words about the loss , and finally they shared it in dads final days. i have never seen love so strong, so awesome, not defined by the temporary but something far more permanent. mom and dad pointed the way to something bigger than us. mom and dad pointed the way to faith. a lifetime of love by example, by sacrifice, words do not do justice. i am so humbled to have had the blessing of such decent human beings for parents.

    death comes to us all. but we are not overcome by death.

    john i am so sorry about your baby.

  3. aotc wrote:

    death comes to us all. but we are not overcome by death.

    john i am so sorry about your baby.

    I agree, Eric, very well said indeed.

    This is tragedy personified, beyond description, beyond comprehension, almost beyond belief! My heart goes out to her family, and to all the families who now suffer losses.

    This piece gives us a glimpse of the pain. We need to see it.

    I would hope that all of us would keep this in mind when we read of other like tragedies endured by parents and families around the world when untimely, sudden, preventable deaths occur. Like how much Christina Green meant to her father, mother, and brother, this grief is universal. Let us dedicate ourselves to make this planet a more peaceful one.

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