Kathy Griffin Is A Behar

HT Hot Air

So, Kathy Griffin decides to entertain the troops for a VH1 show honoring our troops, and what does she decide to do? She decides to be a total Behar.

Telling fat jokes about Bristol Palin? Wrong answer, Behar.
Telling fat jokes about the sister of a serviceman who had been deployed, while standing in front of a crowd of servicemen and servicewomen? Were you even thinking?
Telling fat jokes about the daughter of a woman who is exceedingly supportive of our troops, while in front of our troops? What an idiotic, hateful Behar-y thing to do.
“She’s like the white ‘Precious’.” Really? Throw in a racially motivated hate-filled attack?

Kathy Griffin, you’re a hateful, spiteful, racist Behar and the troops exercised great restraint in only booing you severely. Get off the stage, you worthless Behar, and stay off! Let people with talent and sense have the stage.


  1. I saw Kathy Griffin when she did a show at Vandy, and she was absolutely awful. I’d say 10% of the audience was still around by the end of her show, and that 10% wanted to throw things. She has moments where she’s funny, but most of the time she’s just pointlessly offensive. It’s like she saw how successful Carlin was and decided to try to mimic his shock schtick, but forgot the part about being funny.

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