Republicans gain 60 61 62 seats in the House

From the Caucus blog of The New York Times:

Republican House Gain Now at 61 Seats

By Jeff Zeleny

The Republican triumph in the House of Representatives has grown a little wider, with the party now capturing 61 seats in this month’s midterm elections. The latest victory comes in Illinois’s Eighth Congressional District, where Representative Melissa Bean, a Democrat, conceded to Joe Walsh, a Republican.

Mr. Walsh defeated Ms. Bean by 291 votes out of more than 200,000 ballots cast.

More at the link. But the article noted that Representative Bean’s seat was considered reliably Democratic, and that Mr Walsh’s victory “underscores the depth of Democratic defeats.”

Four House races remain undecided, and all four of them are currently held by Democrats. In two, the Democratic incumbents have narow leads, while in the other two, the Democratic incumbents are trailing narrowly; I’m hoping to have articles entitled Republicans gain 60 61 62 63 seats in the House, and maybe even more, soon. :)

In the meantime, it looks like Senator Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) write-in campaign has been successful.


  1. Jeff wrote:

    And that district has a PVI of R+1 – hardly “reliably Democratic,” sir.

    From the original in The New York Times:

    The outcome of the Illinois contest underscores the depth of Democratic defeats across the country on Nov. 2. Ms. Bean captured the seat in 2004, knocking off a Republican veteran, Phil Crane, who represented the district in the northern suburbs of Chicago for more than three decades. Her seat was seen — even by many Republicans — as reliably Democratic.

    Mr. Walsh is among one of the many incoming freshman members of Congress who was seen as a long shot. Republican leaders in Washington didn’t give him much of a chance, but he has credited his victory to volunteer support and the strength of the Tea Party movement.

    And according to the Times again, the Democratic incumbent was expected to win the 8th District seat, albeit narrowly; it was not in the toss-up column.

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