1. John, you can’t expect cmbc to consider the evidence, after all according to Che, that’s just “an archaic bourgeois detail.” cmbc’s got his eye on bigger things, other things, minor details are insignificant. cmbc can’t be bothered to comment on the topic.

    On Castro’s birthday, cmbc doesn’t want any mention of the tens of thousands of dead Cubans, he would rather criticise you for bringing up the issue. In his view, your post is just callous and incomplete. Maybe he’d like it better if you were to include all the other people murdered by communist dictators who aren’t celebrating their birthday today.

    cmbc prefers to minimize Castro’s gruesome murder of over 100,000 Cubanos on the alter of communism’s first big success in the Western Hemisphere. The Cuban dictator’s blood-thirsty murder of 100,000 human beings is small potatoes compared to the millions killed in cold blood by Stalin, or Mao, or Pol Pot, those guys really knew how to run a police state.

    So, look the other way, let Castro go right ahead, shoot them down like dogs if the won’t accept their place in the cane fields of Castro’s worker’s paradise, who cares what they think, beat pregnant women to death, who cares? It’s all in the name of what’s best for the people, you know the greater good and all those other time tested slogans the self-appointed saviors of the people use to justify mass murder.

  2. Roper, your imagination far exceeds your dedication to the truth! All your assumptions here follow from a simple statement by cbmc. That’s craaaaazzzzy!

    But even crazier is your refusal to answer the simple question about your military service. What is your hang-up?

    Answer the question and get the monkey I put on your back off of your back.

    One of the core values of good management practice is to get the monkey off your back, by addressing the issue and doing something about it. That’s Management 101. Now do it! Stonewalling and diverting keeps the monkey it its place, on your back!

  3. One of the core values of good management practice is to get the monkey off your back, by addressing the issue and doing something about it. That’s Management 101. Now do it! Stonewalling and diverting keeps the monkey it its place, on your back!

    Shorter Perry: I am your master and you will obey me!!!!eleventy!

    Hey, Perry, quit with your totalitarian demands that people release their private information to you, as if this were your blog or something. You’re getting to be like blu with your incessant garbage.

  4. cmbc can’t be bothered to comment on the topic.

    “the topic” is ostensibly “the left celibrat[ing] fidel’s birthday” – there isn’t any link to any such celebration, just another mindless assertion. look, on cspt there’s Dana, who’s a sane conservative with whom people can have interesting disagreements, and there’s Hitchcock, who can be righteous on economic stuff & who seems like a generally good guy, but whose grasp of his “enemies” and their actual positions is now entirely based on phantoms & misrepresentations & caricatures. one comments on Dana’s posts; one engages him. this sort of bullpuckey, though, one just makes fun of, because it doesn’t deserve any serious consideration.

  5. Perry, chill out. This is a blog, you don’t have the right to demand personal information be given to you in a public space. You are ranting like a nut.

  6. John, I know you can read. “There isn’t any link to any such celebration” is the actual clause. Yeah, there’s a link. It does not in any way support your claim that “the left celibrates [SIC; it’s “celebrate”] fidel’s birthday.” The two BBC paragraphs quoted at the link do fail to descend into frothing opinionated propaganda, it’s true. That is actually a mark in their favor.

  7. Fidel Castro marks his 84th birthday on Friday after a spate of public appearances and apocalyptic warnings of nuclear war and environmental disaster that have catapulted him back onto center stage in Cuba and garnered him headlines outside the Communist-run Caribbean island.

    The Cuban public, by and large, has welcomed their Commandante back after four years of seclusion with the warmth and sympathy one might bestow on an ailing, but wise grandfather home after a prolonged hospital stay, but in no position any longer to play head of the household.

    Do feel free to unpack the “celebrating” in this though, it will be good for laughs. “They didn’t call him a murderer! And he is one! Therefore, LIBERAL MEDIA!” How’m I doin’?

  8. I’ve never actually seen a real, live leftist celebrate anti-liberal asshat Castro’s birthday. But hey, why let the facts get in the way of a good headline?

  9. Jeff are you blind? John linked to a piece of very angry editorial! That proves his point right there!

  10. Eric, you chill out yourself, for a change. You have very little credibility with me as you make stuff up and try to pass it off as fact, with the exception of the discussion on religion which we had a couple of months ago.

    Your wingnut colleagues here are in a hole, and you can see them squirming as they try every subterfuge they can muster, yet continue to fail to answer a simple, hardly very personal, question, the same damn question that ropelight asked me twice. I’m calling them out on it. Let them try to defend themselves, Eric!

    I’ll ask you then: Why cannot they just admit that they have not served, as is a reasonable assumption since they refuse to answer? I’m sure you would have no trouble stating that you served, as you already have stated here, although I don’t recall the details.

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