ACORN Whistle-Blower To File FEC Charges Against Obama Administration

From Big Government:

ACORN whistle-blower Anita Moncrief held a press conference Friday at the Right Online Convention in Las Vegas. She announced today that she will press FEC charges against the Obama Administration for the campaign’s illegal coordination with ACORN during the 2008 election.

Here’s Anita blowing the whistle on ACORN last year.


  1. This is just one more bogus charge against ACORN and the Obama campaign made by the racist propagandists from the radical right, like Hitchcock, who continue to prefer that African-Americans and Hispanics be disenfranchised. It is all so obvious!

    No doubt, this effort is timed to cast doubt on Obama and the Dems during this campaign for the November mid-terms, otherwise why bring this charge now, when it could have been brought in early 2009.

    It has been well established that ACORN registered voters independent of party. That they were working predominately in African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods translates into the fact that there will be more Dems registered, but what is illegal about that?

    Activists from both political parties have registration drives all the time during campaigns leading up to an election day. This is not illegal.

    I don’t believe that this charge will get anywhere, but it is just one more dirty trick of the radical right. Keep an eye open for many more, because the radical right know well that this stuff works. The best defense is exposure!

  2. Is “racist propagandists from the radical right” the new code phrase for anyone who disagrees? Or is that reserved for John Hitchcock only? Cause I want in too. I refuse to allow Hitchcock to get all the glory.

    Beautiful, Perry. Come right out of the box with the racist claim. And you say you don’t read

  3. Hoagie:Beautiful, Perry. Come right out of the box with the racist claim.

    yea, right out of the box.


  4. Oh, I see, Anita Moncrief is racist against the half-white part of Obama. Or are you saying something about Anita in regards to her own race? Come on, Perry, let’s have it.

  5. I posted 2 YouTube videos which showed a screen-cap of Anita Moncrief, clearly a black woman and Perry immediately called her a radical right-wing racist against blacks. I guess that makes Anita a racist self-loather and a race-traitor in Perry’s view.

  6. Perry making a flaming fool of himself is now pretty much of a daily occurrence, but this one is special.

    Anita Moncrief tell us, in her own unedited words, that she’s made these charges against ACORN to the NY Times, which she accuses of “watering down” reports of ACORN scandals, and of “operating as an unofficial arm of the Democrat Party” (sound familiar, like on the JournoList thread), and of “leaning toward protecting” Obama rather than report the facts.

    So in typical knee-jerk response, ACORN dismisses Mincrief as a disgruntled former employee, but that’s not good enough for Perry, he claims she’s making “…just one more bogus charge against ACORN and the Obama campaign made by the racist propagandists from the radical right…”

    Really now, Perry, you paint with a broad brush when you label Anita Moncrief as some sort of a racist propagandist. That’s uncalled for, and you do it because she’s committed the unpardonable sin of revealing the truth about how your sacred cows operate in the shadows.

    Anita Moncrief isn’t part of the “radical right” she’s a liberal Democrat who worked for ACORN and couldn’t stomach the culture of corruption. So she acted like a good citizen and took her accusations and her evidence to the NY Times to expose ACORN’s corrupt voter registration and fund-raising crimes to the public.

    But, instead of acting in the interest of the public’s right-to-know, the NY Times sat on the evidence and refused to allow their readers an opportunity to judge for themselves if Moncrief’s accusations and her evidence, had merit.

    Perry, it isn’t Hitchcock, “…who continue(s) to prefer that African-Americans and Hispanics be disenfranchised…” It’s the NT Times, and they’re trying to disenfranchise all of us.

  7. I notice the so-called Progressives are largely avoiding this post. Other that Perry’s attempt to give the Journolista recommended denial treatment, no other Lefties have wanted to dive into these waters, likely a little too dark and dangerous to the inflated self-image to risk actually looking at the videos and listening to the woman’s story.

    It doesn’t fit the Lefty’s narrative, so they ignore it.

  8. @Perry;
    Let me guess, the woman in this video is a racist too right? While Obama supporters continue to smear any legitimate opposition as racism, they conveniently dismiss the 20 years of hatred and bigotry he sat under by his self professed mentor, who gave an award to Farrakhan, the leader of a racist movement. Also the several places in BHO’s own book where he admits to being in perfect agreement with his racist mentors. Congradulations Perry for having managed to take hypocrisy to a whole new level.

  9. @Joe

    You are joking, right Joe?

    You put words in my mouth that I have not spoken, nor believe, and then you play the guilt by association game, and then you make a statement about Obama with no quotation marks or a citation, and finally you attack me with your straw man.

    Doesn’t pass the credibility/believability test, Joe, thus really, really weak!!!

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