Another laugher from TruthOut

TruthOut forwarded me another laugher:

    Analysis: Ballots favored Dems
    Sarasota’s ‘undervotes’ were examined in 5 state races.

    Jim Stratton | Orlando Sentinel Staff Writer
    Posted November 22, 2006

    The group of nearly 18,000 voters that registered no choice in Sarasota’s disputed congressional election solidly backed Democratic candidates in all five of Florida’s statewide races, an Orlando Sentinel analysis of ballot data shows.

    Among these voters, even the weakest Democrat — agriculture-commissioner candidate Eric Copeland — outpaced a much-better-known Republican incumbent by 551 votes.

    The trend, which continues up the ticket to the race for governor and U.S. Senate, suggests that if votes were truly cast and lost — as Democrat Christine Jennings maintains — they were votes that likely cost her the congressional election.

    Republican Vern Buchanan’s 369-vote victory was certified by state officials Monday. His camp says that, although people may have skipped the race — intentionally or not — there is no evidence that votes went missing.

    But the results of the Sentinel analysis, two experts said, warrant additional investigation.

    “Wow,” University of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato said. “That’s very suggestive — I’d even say strongly suggestive — that if there had been votes recorded, she [Jennings] would have won that House seat.”

    David Dill, an electronic-voting expert at Stanford University, put it this way: “It seems to establish with certainty that more Democrats are represented in those undervoted ballots.”

    The Sentinel reviewed records of 17,846 touch-screen ballots that included no vote in the tightly contested 13th District congressional race to determine whom voters selected in other major races.

Sorry, but the “undervotes” are not votes at all! Our Democratic friends don’t get to just assume how people would have voted in a particular race if they didn’t vote in that race. That’s what happens when one of your core constituencies is the least educated and least intelligent people in society; you wind up with a constituency which has more problems voting! :)