Newsweek Tanks Again

I have news for you, Newsweek. You are a business. If you fail to make a profit long enough, you tank and go out of business (and your employees become unemployed). For a long time, you were “unofficially” a liberal propaganda sheet and you were tanking. So you became an “official” liberal propaganda sheet, shedding any pretense of objectivity. And you tanked even further. And now you’ve gone yet again in the tank with your recent fact-free liberal propaganda disguised as an article. And your own commenters are frying you for your puff piece, as some have rightly called it.

Nothing you have done has righted your ship. Everything you have done has caused you to sink even further into the depths of triviality. You have lost so much readership that you cannot survive. And your advertisers, who are also businesses, won’t pay premium prices to advertise in your propaganda sheet.

Your recent article, which you entitled Obama Needs His Own Dick Cheney is full of tankage. You start out with the sub-header “The Obama administration has excelled at policy and pragmatism, and failed utterly at politics,” which is a blatant untruth. SCOTUS killed his anti-second-amendment position in two different rulings and killed his anti-first-amendment position in a different ruling. A federal court ruled him out of order with your 6-month drilling freeze. When it came time for ObamaCare, he voted “present” and let the radical Democrat Congress “write” the legislation. (Radicals within the George Soros sphere of power wrote it.) And that legislation is full of back-loaded expenses to falsify the true cost, not to mention the Medicare “savings” of half a trillion dollars which was quickly “fixed” in a later bill. Even the CBO has said his ObamaCare will do nothing to bend the medical cost curve down, but will add to the deficit.

His policy to ignore Constitutionally protected voting rights is a fail.

His policy to ignore his Constitutional mandate to protect the borders while suing a state that is trying to use federal law to protect the border is a fail.

None of Obama’s policies can get a passing grade; they’re all failures. And Obama has not been pragmatic in anything, unless you consider a partial government takeover of private industry “pragmatic.”

You continue your in-the-tank partisan lies near the very beginning of your tanked article:

Obama and his staff have proven policy chops but are terrible at politics—they cannot, or will not, sell their ideas, especially in a sharp-elbowed partisan climate.

Will not sell their ideas? Obama has never left the campaign trail! He is in constant campaign mode and has been on national television (for free) campaigning on his agenda and demonizing everyone who dares stand in his way. He is in permanent salesman mode. And Joe Biden is right there doing the same thing (when he’s not in the dog house for yet another stupid comment).

You pumped your faux article full of liberal agenda and devoid of facts. You had nothing of any real intellectual value in your faux article. You finished off with this:

Instead, Obama has figures like Joe Biden. Capable, well versed, quietly effective, and kind of cuddly.

I guess if you count plagiarism as being well versed, you may have a point. Quietly effective and cuddly?

How’s that “quietly effective and cuddly?”

I have to admit I got a chuckle out of your intellectually vacuous article. It would’ve been hilarious had it not been so sad. I have some advice for you, Newsweek. Instead of being in the tank for leftists and statists and tanking your business, try a little bit of integrity. Of course, it might be too late for you, the future “former news magazine.”


  1. “Obama has figures like Joe Biden. Capable, well versed, quietly effective”

    Hey Chuck, where are you Chuck? Stand up and take a bow so everyone can see you … Oh my goodness, god bless him … well ok everybody out there, you stand up for Chuck, stand up for Chuck everyone …

  2. When I was in college, back in the early 70’s, although money was a bit tight, I subscribed to both Time and Newsweek because I considered them required reading for anyone who wanted to be current. Faithfully, for the first 5 years of the decade, I read both news magazines nearly cover to cover.

    Of course, we had no Internet then, so I relied on local and regional newspapers, the LA Times and the Santa Barbara News-(Sup)Press, the two weekly news magazines, and on TV nightly news. Our campus broadsheet, The Daily Nexus, was excellent, and also a must read.

    However, as my undergraduate years drew to a close, I found myself unwilling to send the time or the money to read news magazines. Oh, I’d pick them up at the library, or in airports, or at other people’s homes and browse the pages.

    But, gone was the feeling I was getting adequate return in exchange for my time. Occasionally, I’d find an informative article, xerox it, and keep it or show it around. But for the most part I found I could get along quite nicely without news magazines, there just wasn’t much if any actual news in them, and the opinions expressed where largely either outdated, mundane, or silly.

    Newspapers were next to receive the same analysis, and after the TV networks started to put their bias on the air, during the Reagan years, well let’s just say that I was ready for the Internet when it arrived. It was like the sun had come out from behind the dark clouds of propaganda and manipulation.

    Then, I realized that journalism was a failed profession, that Freedom of the Press extended only to those who owned or operated the presses, and that the merchants of ignorance where on the march, intent on destroying many of the things I wanted protected and preserved.

    Now, I don’t even pick-up Time or Newsweek in airports, barber shops, or doctors waiting rooms, haven’t for years and for exactly the same reason mentioned above, I want to say current.

    [released from moderation – pH]

  3. cheney is my favorite public figure.

    besides i am partial to anyone who can take 750 volts to the heart routinely. :)

  4. aotc, it ain’t the volts that makes the jolts, it’s the amps what makes ’em dance.

    Sorta, kinda, like the man said, “Thunder’s just a noise boys, it’s lightnin’ does the work”

    Now, the metaphor is obviously mixed, but then it’s the medium that’s the message.

  5. you are right rope. i am intimately familiar with electrical discharge machining. “its the amperage that decides your cut rate , and your fate” (old tool & die maker phrase)..

    i was referring to living with an implanted icd. it will literally knock you on your arse at a time you do not expect. then send you an email to tell you it zapped you. lol. 750 volts is safe indeed, but packs a whollap when it is delivering its charge directly into the heart.

    it is a little like “livin’ on the edge baby”

  6. aotc, sounds like you got one of them contraptions in yer back pocket. If so, sorry to hear that. Take care of yourself pal.

    BTW, you ever see those high wire guys swing from a helicopter and bond-on to the really high octane long distance transmission cables? It’s quite a sight.

  7. Yorkshire: “Newsleak is a crap rag.”

    RNC talking points, eh Yorkshire?

    And George Will and Fareed Zakaria are “liberal propagandists”?

    You people are cuckoo! :)

  8. Today is day 81 of Obama’s Gusher in the Gulf. Perry, are you still happy about the prospect of oil washing up in my backyard?

  9. Just one more area, here on display for all to see, of your totally confused state of mind, ropelight! Now go out and clean up that BP oil off of your beach!!

  10. I’m not confused Perry. You’re the one who thought it was fun to taunt me with the prospect Obama’s gusher might spew oily pollution on the beaches of SW Florida and despoil my back yard.

    Look in the mirror, Mr Schadenfreude, the evil assclown looking back at you sees the same thing I do.

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