Pull-Out of Troops From Iraq

This is a totally confusing situation that on its face looks ill conceived. Now before the Lefties go all bonkers and say it was Bush who negotiated this, I KNOW that. But that was three years ago and the world has changed. Iran either has, or is close to nukes now, not then. Egypt was …

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#OccupyWallStreet Forces Food Drive Cancellation, Conservative Bloggers To The Rescue

Legal Insurrection points out the Occupy Wall Street rabble up in Boston hurled epithets, spit, and water bottles at a woman in uniform. There is very little Conservatives can do about that incident, other than continue pointing out the violent, lawlessness, hatred endemic to Left-Wing protests and contrast that with the peaceful, law-abiding rallies held …

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Eric Kettani returns to duty

One of the stories in the news today concerns running back Eric Kettani, of the New England Patriots, who was graduated from the United States Naval Academy and commissioned as an officer in the Navy. Lt Kettani was ordered to, and has, reported to the USS Klakring (FFG-42) for deployment. Lt Kettani requested leave, to …

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A Marine

This was a very important story to me, on the front page of The Philadelphia Inquirer: From mourner to Marine By Tom Infield, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer MARINE CORPS AIR STATION NEW RIVER, N.C. – When her Marine boyfriend died in a helicopter crash off the Horn of Africa in 2006, Lesley Reed was lost. …

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The Jim Thorpe Memorial Day Parade

I tried to persuade SPC Pico and PFC Pico that they should arise, put on their ACUs, and march in the Jim Thorpe Memorial Day parade; it didn’t work. Nor was I surprised. The parade passes right in front of our house, and, as always, is pretty small. Click on any picture to embiggen.